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About Us

Fueling Excellence: Our Commitment to Elevate Your Results

My name is Jay Nanfito, I am a MBA professional from Middletown, CT.  I began operation as a full service media and marketing company in May 2022. My journey started in 2016  when I first picked up a camera. From there I learned how to my market digital content which flourished into a full scale business. Upon graduating with my BSBA from Western New England University in May 2021,  I entered into the MBA program there the following fall. As I was in school, I started Nanfito Productions LLC, and I never looked back. 

After competing in collegiate football for three years,  I combined what I learned about digital branding and the recruiting process and started NP University. NPU is a marketing service dedicated to high school and collegiate athletes, other known as NPU Athletes. NP University is a video based platform that teaches and instructs athletes on how to leverage their social media to get recruited, and create a brand image for themselves as they develop in college. I am proud to say I offer my collegiate athletes an NIL opportunity that pays 100% of profit back into the athletes pocket. 


Our Story

Since 2022, we have been on a mission to help a community of athletes we were once a part of. By providing media, marketing, and digital branding technique here in the Northeast, our clients are able to unlock their full potential. 

With every great company, comes a great team and culture behind it. We are building that here at Nanfito Productions LLC. Check out our newest editions to our NP Intern team below!

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Meet The Team

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