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NP University

Digital Branding / Recruiting Service

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NPU is a digital branding coaching service geared towards young, and hungry athletes looking to get recruited, and continue their education. Through NP University, we will teach the concept of digital branding, while also serving as a one on one coach for the athlete to network with throughout their athletic career. With subscription, said athlete will become an NPU Athlete and will become connected to a network of individuals who are on the same mission to develop their brand well into their collegiate career. The owner, Jay Nanfito, MBA, is dedicated to provide athletes a new avenue in digital branding and recruiting. NPU will bring athletes to a new level by teaching the right digital branding and recruiting strategy. NPU will also connect the athlete to an entire network of athletes, coaches, trainers, recruiters and more. 
For questions please email


Jay Nanfito,

Nanfito Productions, NP University


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